100 % rooted

Since its inception in 1881, the Léon Grosse family business has become one of the five biggest French companies in the building industry. In 2015, the new business plan was drafted with employees. More than 60 workshops saw 600 employees, technicians and supervisors as well as executives think about how to make Léon Grosse a more reliable, more fluid, more human and more innovative company.



100% constructeur

100% construction

Being a responsible builder involves preventing and controlling risks: ensuring the health and safety of our employees. 35% of training time is therefore devoted to health and safety.

It also involves mitigating our environmental footprint with it being taken into account from the design phase to reduce risks and save energy.

As a result, 38% of turnover is certified ISO 14001

100% customer-centric

Léon Grosse boasts more than 50 branches and subsidiaries to be as close as possible to our customers. Léon Grosse also strives to be even more attentive to their needs, especially with a dedicated contact for IRIS projects.

Sur le chantier

100% employee-focused

In 2015, out of the 2,246 people employed by Léon Grosse, 98% were on permanent contracts. Young people are well represented too, with 50% of new employees being former interns. We are also looking to strengthen our ties with schools.

We are always striving to promote labour relations (time savings accounts, compulsory annual negotiations, availabilities, shares, training, etc.) diversity and equal opportunities (women account for 13% of the company’s workforce, €93,026 of turnover generated with assistance and service centres helping disabled people into work (ESAT) or disability-friendly companies (EA)).

100% partner-focused

Innovation forms one of the pillars of the new business plan, with €364,968 being channelled into R&D in 2015. We gladly involve our customers, subcontractors and suppliers in our approaches. Local development is also something we care about, with 80,303 hours for people on integration programmes completed in 2015.